About Us

TUBTEK is a new company with big ideas, and our goal is to create innovative hot tub gear you will be proud to use.

What We Believe

We believe the hot tub is so much more than just sitting in some warm water.

We believe it's a place where you can laugh with friends, talk about life with family, feel intimate with loved ones, play with kids, and reflect in solitude.

We believe your hot tub is a small sanctuary of happiness that you can call your own.

We believe hot tub chemicals are way more confusing than they should be - and we want to fix that soon.

We believe hot tub accessories are stuck in the 1980's - and we want to fix that now.


IRONCLAD Guarantee

We're dedicated to creating the world's best hot tub gear and guarantee everything we make. If you are not satisfied with one of our products for any reason, we will replace it or refund your money.

Fast & Free Shipping

Amazon takes care of all our shipping logistics. This unique partnership means that all orders ship FAST & FREE to anywhere in the USA (think Amazon Prime speeds!)

Radical Customer Service

Everyone at TUBTEK is a hot tubber too, so you know we’ve got your back—which is why we go above and beyond to deliver industry leading customer service.

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We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about products that would improve your hot tubbing experience. There is no idea too big or small. Please just let us know!

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Meet our founder

My grandfather first snuck me in the hot tub when I was 2 weeks old. It soon became a place where he and I were able to connect and talk about life.

One of our favorite things to do was discuss new business ideas and how to make the world a better place.

He's always been a great inspiration and I know creating a business to help the hot tub community would have made him proud.

- Ryan (Founder & CEO)

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